How to Rank a Website that Generates Traffic, Sales & Customers 24/7


Follow a Proven, Step-By-Step Blueprint.

You came to this page because you’re serious about your online business and you know that to grow your online business, you need more targeted traffic.

That’s why I’m going to show you how to take the advice you learned today, and turn it into a step-by-step blueprint for first page rankings and targeted traffic.

I’ve developed an online training course that cuts out the noise, fluff and conflicting advice and shows you EXACTLY how to get more traffic, leads and customers using white hat SEO.

Introducing SEO That Works

Join SEO That Works, give me 5 weeks, and I’ll show you how to quickly get more traffic, generate more leads and sales, (and most important of all) significantly boost your revenue.

Here’s how it works

Every week you’ll get access to new video training sessions that come with step-by-step instructions that show you EXACTLY how to execute the material. Each lesson comes with additional training material like worksheets, field reports, and tutorials.

The best part? Whether you’re new to SEO or a veteran, you’ll get access to my proven SEO blueprint so that you can quickly grow your online business.

Plus, the SEO That Works system has been field tested by over 2,500 SEO That Works graduates. That way you don’t have to wonder whether or not the system works. You just have to find out whether or not STW is right for you.

Read on to answer the question: “Is SEO That Works right for me?”.

Let Me Break This Down for You

Now’s the time to decide whether SEO That Works is right for you.

If you say “yes” to any of these questions then SEO That Works is PERFECT for you.

  • Are you a digital marketing agency that wants to impress your clients with outstanding results? Then SEO That Works is PERFECT for you.
  • Are you an ecommerce site owner that wants to get more sales from SEO? SEO That Works is PERFECT for you.​
  • Are you in charge of your company’s SEO and want to deliver results day in and day out? SEO That Works is PERFECT for you​
  • Are you an affiliate marketer that wants more commissions? SEO That Works is PERFECT for you.​

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading so you can learn exactly what you’ll get from your investment in SEO That Works.

Module 1:

Fast Track SEO Success

This module is all about getting you to Google’s first page…FAST.

You’ll learn how to rank a new site — or an existing site — in record time. These are the exact first steps I take whenever I launch a new site.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:

  • My #1 secret for creating the ONE type of content that people love to link to and share (and not just shares from anyone…shares and links from authority site owners in your niche).
  • The ONE thing you need to have on your site if you’re serious about generating backlinks, social shares, and referral traffic. I call it a “PP.” I’ve found that most sites that struggle can turn things around simply by adding a single PP to their site.
  • Why you should avoid long tail keywords like the plague… and why Medium Tail keywords work much better.
  • The “weird” approach I use to get influential bloggers and journalists to share my content with their audience.

Module 2:

How To Publish Content That Attracts Links, Traffic And Customers

By the end of this module you’ll be able to generate content that you can leverage for authority backlinks and targeted traffic over and over again. How? By tapping into my 7 proven Content Frameworks.

For example, I’ll show you:

  • The 7 “plug and play” Content Frameworks that I use to build links and drive traffic (including LOTS of real-world examples and exclusive field reports).
  • My step-by-step system to creating viral infographics. This system was the secret behind not one, not two, but SIX of my viral infographic campaigns (across several different industries).
  • How to use The Trademark Technique to generate buzz and establish yourself as one of your industry’s go-to experts.
  • The Crowdsourced Manual: My latest Crowdsourced Manual has brought in over 200k unique visitors (and ranks above Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land and Forbes for a VERY competitive keyword).

Module 3:

How To Promote Your Content And Get Backlinks From Authority Sites

Forget the “Publish and Pray” approach.

When you’re done with this module you’ll know exactly how to promote your content effectively (step-by-step).

These are the exact link building and content promotion strategies I used to achieve first page rankings for competitive keywords, like “on page SEO”, “keyword research” and “backlinks”.

Now, for the first time ever, I’ll reveal each of them to you. More specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The dead-simple system for finding authority site owners that WANT to add your link to their site (it sounds crazy right now, but when you see it you’ll say: ” Why didn’t I think of that?”).
  • How I use Content Amplification to promote my content the right way (hint: this has NOTHING to do with posting on Facebook or Twitter).
  • The secret to email outreach that actually gets results
    (I hand you over 20 proven, word-for-word email scripts).
  • The Applesauce Technique, and how it lands me authority links in every niche that I use it in (this is working REALLY well right now).

Module 4:

SEO Energizers

In the final module I’ll unveil my secret stash of advanced on and off-page SEO strategies that get results (FAST). These are the same tactics I turn to whenever I need to give one of my sites a quick — but significant — boost.

These are a few of the things you’ll learn in this module:

  • Wet Clay Link Building — a technique that literally delivers link building opportunities to your inbox each and every day.
  • How to double the effectiveness of your on-page SEO with The W.A.G. Technique.
  • My exact, step-by-step process for finding easy white hat link opportunities within minutes.
  • Why The CTR Magnet Method drives more search engine traffic to your site within days (not weeks or months).

Then it’s Time to Take Your Game to a Whole New Level

SEO and Digital Marketing are the two strongest pillars of any business to flourish online. I have been an active catalyst to many of my clients to emboss a long-lasting and remarkable impression of their brands over the internet world.

My SEO strategies are not just follow-the-crowd type. Each trick and technique that I use has passed through an intensive research and algorithm check. All the SEO checklist that I implement help the client in reaching a step closer to top position on search engine results page.

I have mentioned few of my previous client’s case study that will make the picture clear of the result that I can deliver.

  • Client name: : Pete’s Auto body shop
  • City: Walnut, California
  • Website URL:

Pete’s Auto Body Shop was not satisfied with their online presence and were getting just 5-10 leads a month. Ever since we joined hands and applied my SEO techniques, within a span of 4 months, they started to receive 90-100 calls every month. The business started to flourish in such a way that they opened 3 new stores during next 6 months.

Similarly, I applied the same tried and tested trick for another client of mine who was finding difficulty over Shopify. Their sale doubled to almost $70K in 150 days. That was a whopping 107%+ margin.

  • Client name: Micro Aquatic Shop
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Website URL:

Another client running a chiropractic center in Lynnwood, WA got featured on top page result in just 120 days.

Following our courseware, one can be assured of best result.

Because I want you to get nothing less than mind-blowing value from the course, I’ve included a number of extra resources and advanced trainings in SEO That Works 3.0.

After you’ve finished the course itself — and are looking to master local SEO, PR or Social Media — these bonuses will hook you up.

I could easily sell these training sessions as a standalone course (they’re that good).

But I first and foremost want to make sure that SEO That Works 3.0 is the best business training course on the market. Period.

That’s why I’ve included them at no extra cost to you.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll receive:

Session 1:

Small Business PR Secrets

In this training I’ve invited Dmitry Dragilev, who runs one of the most respected PR firms in New York City, to contribute his expert knowledge to the SEO That Works community. To Dmitry, getting links from sites like Mashable, Tech Crunch, and Wall Street Journal is just another day at the office.

Businesses from around the world — from the US to Germany — constantly knock on Dmitry’s door to ask him for his sage advice. In fact, Dmitry recently advised a company that quickly reached 40 million pageviews and got acquired by Google. He’s that good.

And in this no-holds-barred session, Dmitry will show you the exact steps to get your business on the radar screen of influential journalists in your industry… and get them to link to you from major media outlets, like CNN,, and

I can honestly say — with the industry secrets he spills — that this session alone is worth the course registration fee.

Session 2:

Social Media Domination

I’ve invited one of the most influential people in the social media space — Ian Cleary —

to unveil some of his best-kept traffic generation strategies. You see, Ian is a social media puppet-master that’s able to drive traffic anywhere he wishes using his little-known — but extremely powerful — social media secrets.


And in this no-fluff, filler-free interview, Ian will show you how you can do the same thing for your site. After the session you’ll have a laundry list of super-practical, useful insights that you can apply to your website to get more traffic from social media within minutes.

Session 3:

Local SEO Mastery

If you’re an agency that wants to add a profitable service for clients or a small business that wants more customers, mastering Local SEO is an absolute must. But when you research how to rank in Google My Business, it’s a minefield of conflicting and confusing information.

That’s why I invited Adam Steele, founder of one of the most sought-after local SEO firms in North America, to reveal the exact process he uses to rank his legal, dentist and plumber businesses to the top of Google+ Local. Even I was surprised at some of the strategies and techniques he leaked in this training session (they’re internal strategies that are usually kept secret by Adam and his tight-lipped staff).

Session 4:

How To Turn Traffic Into Customers

If you’ve ever wondered: “How can I turn traffic into leads and sales?” then this talk with Rich Page is for you. I don’t need to tell you that it’s easier to double your conversions than double your traffic.

But how?

I invited Rich because he wrote the book on conversion rate optimization (literally). Not only that, but Rich has helped massive companies like Adobe turn more of their traffic into paying customers. In this video he unveils some of his closely guarded conversion secrets. This is one video you don’t want to miss.

Session 5:

Outsourcing Secrets

Bryan Harris built his online video business from zero to 6-figures in 9 months. His client list includes names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Noah Kagan and HubSpot. Even though Bryan is a hard-working guy, there’s no way he could do it alone. In fact, he outsources a good chunk of his business to freelancers around the globe.

Unlike many people that outsource tasks, he never stresses about missed deadlines or flaky freelancers. In this training session, Bryan will take you behind the scenes of his thriving business and show you his air-tight, step-by-step outsourcing process.

What is Included in the Course

Remember: SEO That Works 3.0 is backed by an ironclad 30-day guarantee.
So if you find that the course isn’t for you, just email support and a member of my staff will promptly and courteously return 100% of your investment. No questions asked.

Once you enroll for the course, you shall receive the entire courseware in your email.

Of the 2,500 people that have already enrolled in STW, 27% of them are ecommerce entrepreneurs just like you.

And many other STW students are marketing agencies that do SEO for ecommerce clients.

Here’s the deal:

The course materials in SEO That Works can be applied to ANY site (including ecommerce sites).

You don’t even need a blog. You just need to publish (and promote) a few pieces of content on your site.

I have a lot of experience in the ecommerce world. In fact, I remember this one ecommerce clients I had that was in a SUPER competitive niche. Instead of pouring resources into a blog, I helped him create and promote just ONE piece of content. But not just any content: content based on my proven Content Frameworks from STW. And it worked wonders for him.

Plus, in Module 3 you’ll learn all about Renovation Link Building. That’s my go-to strategy for ecommerce sites that need more white hat backlinks directly to product and category pages.

In short, if you run an ecommerce site, STW is PERFECT for you.

It depends.

If you want to simply go through the material, you should set aside around 4-hours per week.

But as you may expect, implementing the strategies takes some additional time.

As you’ll see, I designed STW to be a lean, streamlined approach to SEO and Content Marketing.

That means that — even if you’re super busy running your business — you’ll have more than enough time to implement the proven strategies from the course.

And because you have lifetime access to the course materials, you can stop anytime…

…and the course materials will be waiting for you in your member’s area whenever you need them.